Submit your photos

We live in a lovely part of the country and we try to reflect this beauty in our magazines as often as we can. Over nine years we have sourced over 250 quality images for our front covers alone, but as you can imagine the task is never straight forward, particularly given the English weather!

Arguably the hallmark of our magazine is our distinctive front cover which has always been graced by a full page photo, and recognised as a great feature when we were awarded ‘Highly Commended Winner for Best Front Cover’ at the 2014 Magazine Publishers Awards.

We love to receive contributions from readers for the magazines and would be delighted to look at any great pictures you have of your area! If you would like to submit a picture to us please do so by getting in touch and if we can use it in the magazine we will. If not we will include it in our online Gallery.

If you would like to submit a picture as a potential front cover, please ensure that it is high resolution, and that our magazine title will not obscure an important part of the image.