Why you should advertise in INSIDE Magazines

There are a number of factors that can influence your choice of media partner.

Price is obviously one important factor, but there are others that you should consider if you want to get the best value from your advertising budget.

What will it cost me?

We understand that it’s important for you to get value for money from your advertising budget. For that reason we suggest that you call us to discuss the kinds of package that we can offer your particular business.

When you examine the cost, remember that distribution numbers are very important. You might be offered elsewhere what seems like a cheap rate but this could reflect a much shorter print run and therefore a smaller readership. We are familiar with many publications in this area and can assure you that we won’t be beaten on price or value for money.

From time to time ‘new’ publications appear, offering ‘cheap’ advertising rates, but remember, you get what you pay for. It’s important to bear in mind that INSIDE Magazines has been publishing magazines for nine years now and we have thousands of readers that show a great interest in the pages of our magazines and in the ads that are featured.

How many homes will receive the magazine?

More than 45,000 copies of our magazines are delivered on a door to door basis.  So many free local publications, including newspapers, are only available to pick up at the supermarket checkout or similar and might, therefore, appear to be a cheaper option when you are deciding where to advertise. But who is picking them up? And in what quantity?

We employ members of the local community to deliver our magazines – people who value and respect our publication – people we can trust. The administration involved is expensive and time-consuming but worth every penny. A small number of copies are placed in high street locations, as a service to visitors to the area and to those who live in more remote areas.

What kind of people am I reaching?

We aim to reach the largest possible number of East Cheshire homes that can benefit from high quality products and services, both for the family and the home. Altogether we reach over 45,000 homes. There’s a large proportion of ABC1 category households in Cheshire and the editorial and advertising content of our magazines is designed to please this important group. Relatively affluent readers across a wide age range and of both sexes look forward to receiving every issue of our magazines.

What do people think of INSIDE Magazines?

Many thousands of people are avid readers of our publications and we receive non-stop compliments on an almost daily basis. In 2014 we won a coveted national award for Best Front Cover. Click here to see what people actually say.

Will my advert be noticed?

There is always plenty to read in our magazines and as a result people refer to them time and time again and keep them till the next issue arrives. We pride ourselves on having at least 50% editorial in each title. Look at any of our titles and you will find that adverts almost invariably face an interesting editorial page, allowing the reader time to pause and see your ad. Unlike some other publications, your advert is not ‘lost’ amongst pages and pages of adverts.  Our Classified Index also makes sure your advert can be easily found. Click here to view our recent publications.

What kind of service or support can I expect, as an advertiser?

Our magazines provide suppliers of local goods and services with an affordable and effective means of advertising their services to the community. In turn, our readers are encouraged to use retailers, suppliers and tradesmen from the local area, helping both the local economy and the environment in the process. We are on your side!

Talk to us and we will give you the best possible advice. No two advertisers are alike and some need more guidance than others.  We will endeavour to respond according to your needs and will work with you as a ‘business partner’ throughout the duration of your advertising campaign. If required, we will design your ad. This service is available for a very modest fee and in many instances will be accommodated at no charge, as part of the agreed advertising package.