Why we are one of Cheshire’s best-loved magazines


INSIDE Magazines must be one of the most recognisable and best-loved magazines in Cheshire. We published our first magazine title INSIDE Poynton in 2006. Nine years later, we now publish six bi-monthly titles which are delivered cheerfully and efficiently by local residents to over 45,000 homes.
INSIDE Magazines should be the first point of call for any business or organisation wishing to make a big impact in this affluent part of the country. We provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to capture the attention of thousands of committed readers that the internet and other media simply never reach. INSIDE magazines are widely perceived as the local magazine ‘par excellence’. Our professionalism ensures that even the most discerning of businesses can feel at home within our pages. That’s why a nationally renowned legal company such as Slater and Gordon chooses our magazine.  
We are members of the Association of Independent Magazine Publishers and, as such, we are able to share knowledge and experience in order that we can deliver the best possible publications. We are confident you will not be disappointed. 
Our offices are located on Park Lane, Poynton and you are very welcome to visit us. 

Award Winning Magazines

Our A5 sized publications are of a very high quality. They are thoughtfully designed, carefully edited, very readable, truly local and free.  
We place great importance on both magazine content and design, reflecting the values and aspirations of our readers. Editorial and advertising content are featured in a 50:50 ratio, ensuring variety and interest. Colourful feature articles  are common to all titles:  The Walk, Book Club Choice, Days Out, Just 4 Kids, In Touch and the INSIDE Guide, to name just a few. A classified index of advertisers and a list of useful local telephone numbers list appear in every issue.

highlycommended bestfrontcoverAdverts and editorial are carefully alternated throughout. We believe that a double-page spread containing quality editorial and a facing advert works really well for our advertisers, so you will rarely see a double page advertising spread, unless this has been specifically booked.Our cover invariably carries a picture of strong local interest.  In 2014, at the Independent Magazine Publishers Conference we were Highly Commended Winner for Best Front Cover. The judging panel commented:

‘We love the mix of imagery and typography on this cover. A very strong simple font and design over a full bleed image is a winner. The colours change to complement the images nicely. Good u
 se of local photography. Looks like a magazine that could sit on a magazine stand and would be easy to identify amongst others. This front cover has excellent local pictures that again will motivate the reader to open as well as keep the magazine’.


Our readers are sophisticated, discerning and have a great zest for living. A large proportion fall into the ABC1 demographic group and their preferences and aspirations are naturally reflected across our publications. However, our magazines are for the community as a whole and each title is sensitively crafted to reflect the interests and needs of the majority.  As a result, we have a hugely enthusiastic and responsive readership. View our various titles and you will find numerous items of local interest submitted regularly by members of the community.

Our Advertisers

Our advertisers come from every walk of life. Many of course are local. But we also attract businesses regionally and nationally, on account of our reputation and image in the market-place and because so many of our Cheshire readers are only content with the best. The majority of our new advertisers are unsolicited and come either by recommendation, or because they have seen our magazines.
Our current advertisers are really important to us and we make a big effort to service their needs. Many have advertised in every issue for almost ten years and are delighted with their advertising response.

In Summary

Our magazines are eagerly awaited by readers, referred to regularly with great affection and are kept until the next issue arrives. They have wide appeal and, for many, are collectors’ items. Compared with many glossy A4 magazines, directories and newspapers they create a stronger bond with readers, in a larger number of homes, and are therefore less expensive and more effective from an advertiser’s point of view. We seem to have found a winning formula - something enjoyed and appreciated by both readers and advertisers - and we continually strive to build on that success