INSIDE Bollington, Prestbury & Tytherington

bollington frontThis magazine started out as INSIDE Bollington back in 2009. Subsequently we added Prestbury and Tytherington into the distribution so it is now delivered to 7,200 homes. It is a 48pp magazine with a 50:50 advertising to editorial ratio.

Our current strapline ‘The local magazines our readers love to keep’ was borne out of countless tales of people keeping and collecting early issues of INSIDE to refer back to, for the walks, book reviews and so on. It’s also a handy reference source for all kinds of information, including local tradespersons and suppliers, all easily referenced in our classified index of advertisers.

Bollington has a wealth of local activities and events including a thriving Arts Centre and a number of annual events such as a Walking Festival, Bike Fest and the four-yearly Bollington Festival.