My first time at Poynton Show

by Jenny Riley
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Having never been to a village show before, I didn’t really know what to expect when I went along to Poynton Show last month. Held on what turned out to be a fairly cool, but (thankfully) dry, day, the Show was an eclectic mix of attractions, competitions, and stalls, and was a wonderful day out.
We entered the park at 10am to take in the show (having already come at 8am to drop off some entries for the Creative Hobbies section, then retreating to a local pub for breakfast) and were first drawn to the livestock, set up not far from the entrance. We saw prized cattle, sheep, and donkeys, as well as some of the most magnificent (and huge) shire horses I have ever seen! We watched as judges examined the animals’ health and stature, and had the handlers demonstrate both their own and the animals’ capability. It was a lot of fun watching the demonstrations, which went on throughout the day, as well as wandering around the paddocks and looking at all the animals. I didn’t expect to be quite so interested in the animal demonstrations, but the atmosphere of the day coupled with the announcers explaining what they were doing/looking for made it a great section of the show.
The poultry and small animals’ tent was also worth a visit. Although loud (there was quite a crowing competition among the cages when we went!), the chickens, roosters, and even one or two ducks were all interesting to see. Of course we cooed over the guinea pigs and rabbits as well.
Next we went to view the Creative Hobbies tent. I do a lot of knitting and crochet, and my friend told me I should enter some of my makes into this section. At only 80p per entry it seemed silly not to try, so I entered some items along with my friend who went in for the baking. I even submitted a painting my boyfriend had done a month or so ago. He was delighted to win second place in the ‘Abstract’ art category! As a complete amateur artist his confidence was boosted immeasurably by this, and he wore his blue ribbon proudly all day long. Everything in the Creative Hobbies tent was a joy to look at – it is amazing how much creativity there is in the village and surrounding areas, and to be able to come together and show it all off and admire everyone’s work was terrific. Both the kids’ and adult categories were chock full of talent and we must have spent up to an hour wandering round the tent. 
The horticulture tent similarly didn’t disappoint. I was amazed at how HUGE people could grow their vegetables - I can honestly say I’d never seen such gigantic leeks and marrows (you can’t say that every day, can you?) – and the flowers were all beautiful. My favourite part of this tent though was the miniature gardens. Charmingly designed and full of character, they were such fun to investigate up close, and a few even had Lego characters enjoying themselves. 
And of course there were the expected food stalls, ice cream vans, and bars, plus a fun fair and a craft fair to explore. I ate a lot of good food while watching the local brass bands perform, and wondered over to the main ring with some freshly cooked doughnuts to watch spectators win a tug-of-war with a skip lorry and a traction engine – very funny!
The day was truly a wonderful day out, and I am really looking forward to attending again next year! I’ve got a good idea now of what I should be knitting, so I can win myself a ribbon as well.