Charlotte's Work Experience Blog - Day 3

by Jenny Riley
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It’s Charlotte again!

Today I have written a book review of My Sister’s Keeper which is a book I recommend. This morning I was helping to check through the first proofs of the Poynton and Wilmslow magazines. This needs to be done because we need to check that all the businesses that were booked in for those particular magazines do actually feature in them and we need to check that the correct artwork for the advert has been used and is in the correct place.
Also, this afternoon I have gone through the Poynton, Wilmslow and Bramhall magazines and typed up an index for the August-September issues. This needs to be done so that the readers can find the businesses that they want quickly, but also to check that the numbered pages match up to the page numbers we have put in the index.

Bye Charlotte.

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