Charlotte's Work Experience Blog - Day 5

by Jenny Riley
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Hello again for the last time!

Today is my last day of work experience here at INSIDE Magazines so it's back to school for me on Monday, but I have to say that I have had a really good time as I have learnt so many new skills that I will be able to use in the future.

Today, I have made a few phone calls to check that as many people as possible receive the magazines. I posted a few events that are in our magazine on Facebook, I shared links to the online versions so that anyone can read them, this was also done to help increase the use of social media here at INSIDE Magazines. Finally, I finished off the index's for Poynton, Bramhall and Wilmslow so that readers can find the businesses they want in the magazines quickly.

Thank you for reading all of my posts, I appreciate it.

Goodbye for the last time, Charlotte