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by Claire Hawker
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In the competitive world of magazine publishing and advertising sales I’m often asked what makes our magazines stand out from the crowd.

I had a great chance to reflect on this recently when I met up with several other publishers who are producing similar magazines but who are far enough away geographically not to be competing for the same business. I was taken aback to hear that some fill as much as 80% of their pages with adverts and have little or no readable editorial – a very different approach to ours!

Without the adverts there would be no INSIDE Magazines but we’ve always believed that, if we provide lots of interesting content too, it means that you’re more likely to keep your magazine. Hopefully you also refer to it when you’re looking for a local business or service so everybody benefits.

I hope you agree that our approach of quality content and great advertising is the right one because I think that’s what makes INSIDE different and, I hope, special.