Test & Measure

Test & Measure

There’s a well-known business concept that says that you can only manage what you can measure. After 12 years in business we’ve learned a thing or two about measuring advertising effectiveness.

Some of our customers have been advertising with us since we started out – as they are still with us it’s fair to assume they must be getting results! But occasionally someone will contact us after a few months to say their advert ‘isn’t working.’ It helps us to help you if this is more than just a gut feeling!

Analysing the results of any advertising campaign requires an organised approach but there are a few simple ways of tracking responses. Probably the simplest and easiest is to ask! We always try to do that here at INSIDE when we get phone enquiries e.g. do you receive a copy of INSIDE, did somebody recommend us, did you find our website etc.

Another way is to set up unique phone numbers for different areas – this way you are certain where the calls came from if you don’t remember to ask.

The fool proof method is to ask for a direct response in the advert – call this number, visit this website etc. Ask them to quote a code unique to INSIDE to claim an offer or discount.

One thing’s for sure, the only way to know for certain whether it’s working is to set up some way of checking where your enquiries are coming from. By planning your advert so that responses to it are easily identifiable and can be measured, you will soon discover just how effective advertising with the INSIDE Magazines can be.